Shipping Methods/ Turnaround Time

We use UPS Ground for shipping. It takes 2-5 business days to arrive once it’s shipped. Because we normally have a waiting list and a small staff, our orders take approximately 3 weeks to ship. We make them to order each week. We will gladly replace any damaged or unsatisfactory boards. You must select the appropriate shipping zone on checkout.

No Returns & Exchanges

Because our orders are made specifically to order and cost up to $300 to ship, we do not offer returns or exchanges. However if there is a problem with your order we always do our best to make our customers happy. We have a 5 star rating on both Yelp and Etsy from 8 years of making happy customers.

UPS Ground for east coast and midwest areas
$175 flat rate

UPS Ground for West Coast (WA, OR, CA)
$275 flat rate

UPS Ground for Texas, Nevada, Colorado
$220 flat rate

Be sure to measure correctly as it is difficult to change the order once assembled or shipped. Be aware this project requires a drill to assemble.

Where are you located?  Formerly located in Chicago, we now operate from Columbus, Ohio.

How much weight can these beds hold?  We have had 1000 pounds on them.

What configurations can be made with these?     We can do any of these in any mattress size, height, and ladder configuration (straight, angled, side or end).

Can I pick a different color than I see?  Unfortunately custom colors are not an option due to our small staff.

Can you copy a bed I found on pinterest or a picture online? Unfortunately with our small staff, custom projects like that are not in our timeline.

I have a damaged package, what do I do? Email us immediately with a picture of the damage and the box and a replacement will be sent to you within 5 days.

Do you offer any help if I have a question while assembling? I have a fairly instant reply assistance line that I operate personally between 12pm-9pm daily. Please use the instructions first though!

What hardware comes with the bed? Approximately 80 all purpose 1 5/8” #6 screws, approximately 50 all purpose 2 1/2” all purpose # 6 or #8 screws, 15-18 3/8” coarse thread 3.5” long carriage bolts, 8 2.5” long 3/8” coarse thread carriage bolts, 24-28 flat washers and nuts 3/8” sized. 24 high quality 2.5” construction screws for ladder.

What tools do I need to assemble? You’ll need a decent drill, a 9/16” socket, hammer, something with a 90 degree angle to make sure the bed is square, a ruler and a pencil.