Assembly requires a drill, 2-3 hours and drilling holes. Please view our assembly video on our instructions page for more info.


Side Ladder = 20” wide (can be made slimmer on request)

Forward Facing Ladder = 20-26” extension from bed, depending on bed height/ 20” Wide

Vertical Ladder = 5.75” depth/ 20” Wide


Twin bed: 80”x 43” + Ladder

Full bed: 80”x 59” + Ladder

Queen bed: 85”x 65” + Ladder

King bed: 85”x 81” + Ladder

Cal King bed: 77x 89” + Ladder

*Interior mattress area is 3”x3” less than total footprint


On Measuring Height:
Use this equation to figure out your headroom or clearance options:

Clearance (walking area under bed) =  Ceiling Height –  (Headroom + 4″ + mattress height)

Headroom (Above mattress area) = Ceiling height – (Clearance +4″+ mattress height)

Be sure to measure baseboards in room when measuring the width and length