Chicago Loft Bed

Construction Grade Strength Loft Bed Kits

We use construction grade pine and turn it into a beautiful strong structure that will make more creative space for you.

About our process: 

1.  We cut sturdy construction pine and process all 4 sides through a wood planer.  A wood planer is a series of spinning blades that shave off the surface of a board and renders it smooth.

2.  We “spot sand” any issues and inspect each board for integrity.

3. Unless ordered as plain wood, we rub on a “wash”, which is basically adding a color so the wood grain shows through.  This is a water based latex formula so it is non toxic and dries quickly.


Because of the thickness and sturdiness of the wood, the loft project arrives in 4-5 boxes, each weighing 40-70 pounds each.  The boards are labeled and instructions are found here on the “instructions” tab of this website.  The hardware is included in a large bag within the shipment.  There will be 2 long boxes which include the center platform boards, one shorter box with mattress slats and center platform boards, and a box with the contents of the ladder.  When you receive the packages, it’s best to store them flat as wood can warp if set too long prior to construction.


If there are any damages to the boxes and contents in shipping, we will immediately replace them.  Please let us know asap.  It’s best to not try to build with the damaged boards, as some aren’t easy to just remove and replace.  We also will replace any board which cracks or warps or just isn’t to your liking.

About Us:

Bottom line is, I am in love with the concept of creating something unexpected, off the grid, doubling the space of your apartment or bedroom.  It makes me feel like I am somehow altering “the system” from which we live.

We make boards, send them to you, and you make something more significant.  Something fuels us to want to make more of that space under our beds, perhaps it’s that spirit that I love.   These simple boards are a way someone can create a magic space they design with their personal touch.

May our meeting bring us both higher,

Kelly Zullo